The Best Time to Learn a Language is Under the Age of 6

Don’t miss the window of opportunity when it’s easy for kids to learn. Little Pim’s Entertainment Immersion Method® uses strategic repetition of key vocabulary words for faster language acquisition. Shop our award-winning language learning products for kids to get an early start and experience the benefits of raising bilingual children.

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Keep kids entertained anytime, anywhere while inspiring in them a lifelong love of language learning


No prior language knowledge needed

Our companion guides and scripts make it easy for parents & teachers to follow along


Your child can learn 360 words & phrases through everyday activities

Our educational videos have a unique child friendly theme, such as eating, playtime & feelings


Entertainment Immersion Method® makes it fun & easy for kids to learn

Developed by Julia Pimsleur, our award-winning method is based on how children naturally acquire language


Little Pim is now streaming

Get streaming access or download your choice of our 12 language programs for kids ages 0-6. Each video purchase comes with unlimited access to the language learning series of your choice including our companion guides and scripts.

Purchase a volume set or make it a bundle with our Little Pim panda bear kids love, vocabulary flashcard sets, board books, and music!


Give a Child the Gift of a New Language

Not sure which language to choose? Browse our language guide to help pick the language that best matches the goals that you have for your child.


Below are some of the many benefits of raising bilingual or multilingual children. To learn more about the benefits of teaching your child a second language, visit our blog.

Benefits are Endless

Visit our blog to learn more about the benefits


Improves Emotional Health

Early multilingual exposure benefits emotional health and social development


Improves Social Skills

New studies which indicate that multilingual exposure improves children’s social skills


Creative Advantage

Bilingual kids score higher in creative thinking and problem solving in many studies


Cultural Advantage

Learning a new language develops a natural curiosity about world cultures


Educational Advantage

Bilingual kids demonstrate superior reading, writing, social, & cognitive skills



Learn why kids around the world love learning a new language with Little Pim! Visit our Testimonials page to read more reviews from parents & teachers.

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