Angelina Jolie Uses Little Pim!

On Thanksgiving morning I woke up to an email from my mother-in-law that said “My friend Elaine just read in a gossip magazine that Angelina Jolie is using Little Pim!” Quoi? I confirmed with my husband that his family didn’t have some quirky Thanksgiving tradition of fooling the kids… and since they don’t… I did a Google search on Angelina, on Brangelina on everything to do with them and their kids, but no mention of Little Pim.

Fast forward to me at the news stand on Broadway, madly leafing through every gossip magazine available – under the scowling gaze of the seller. I found it! There in Us Weekly’s “Heide and Spencer Elope” issue was a picture of Angelina Jolie holding Shiloh with the caption “Angelina Jolie uses Little Pim to teach Shiloh Jolie-Pitt French.” And the Little Pim web address. C’est magnifique.



I have to admit I’m not an avid reader of gossip rags — I didn’t even know who Heide and Spencer were (and still sort of don’t) — but as an entrepreneur, having a celebrity like Angelina Jolie endorse Little Pim was quite a thrill. I have great admiration for her as a mother, a professional and someone dedicated to teaching her kids her mother’s native tongue. For a moment, my mind drifted to visions of vacationing with Brangelina and their brood in the South of France. You know, now that I am their language advisor and all. Would they want to stay at the Negresco in Nice or the Eden in Cap d’Antibes? Would we vous-voi or tu-toi each other?



But mostly I am excited that moms getting manicures and haircuts across America could be reading about Little Pim right now.lp_angelina_thumbnail

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