Musical Spanish Immersion Class in NYC


little-pim-kidsWe’re excited to launch our partnership with The Pineapple Explorers Club (based in NYC) for their Musical Spanish Immersion Class using our Entertainment Immersion Method® and language learning materials.

If you’re located near New York City, see below for more details or visit their website linked above:

Classes begin MONDAY JUNE 26th at 10 AM in Marcus Garvey Park (upper west corner below playground) & WEDNESDAY JUNE 28th at 10 AM in Central Park (Enter at 79th and walk South, group will meet on the left just before the playground).

Cost: $15 a child (cash or Venmo) or find them on KidPass!


How to Watch Little Pim on Your iPhone or iPad

If you are a recent customer of Little Pim (as of Nov 2016), you can download the VHX app to watch Little Pim on your iPhone or iPad. VHX (a Vimeo company) powers Little Pim’s streaming platform so you can watch our award-winning language learning series anytime, anywhere. Simply follow the steps below to setup your iOS device to play our videos for your little ones at home or on-the-go. Continue reading “How to Watch Little Pim on Your iPhone or iPad”

Little Pim Unboxing with Shonduras


We were so excited when Shaun McBride, aka Shonduras, a Snapchat celebrity and popular YouTube daily vlogger who was recently listed in Forbes Top 30 under 30 and his wife, Jenny McBride accepted our request to send Baby Adley (his adorable daughter) Little Pim language learning products in Spanish. Since Shaun spent some time in Honduras, hence his nickname of ‘Shonduras,’ and learned the Spanish language through immersion, we felt that he would want to the same for his child, and we were right on! Baby Adley already knows a few words in Spanish and is excited to learn more with the help of Little Pim.

Check out Baby Adley opening her custom Little Pim package in Shonduras’ daily vlog below:

The contents of her custom care package included:

  • Little Pim Spanish (Vol 1 and 2) on an Amazon Kindle Fire Kids Edition
  • Little Pim Trilingual Board Books
  • Little Pim Spanish Words and Phrases Flash Cards
  • Custom-printed Little Pim Coloring Book with Crayons
  • “Say Hello” Poster
  • Little Pim Plush Panda Bear

Order Your Spanish for Kids Complete Set to Start Learning Today!


Little Pim Appoints New CEO: Alyson Shapero


NEW YORK, NY – December 21, 2015

Little Pim Appoints New CEO: Alyson Shapero

Little Pim, the leading foreign language learning platform for young children, announced today the appointment of Alyson Shapero as the new CEO, effective January 1, 2016.

Alyson Shapero has been SVP of Sales and Marketing at Little Pim since 2012. Julia Pimsleur, current CEO and Founder of Little Pim, will remain involved with Little Pim as Founder, Board member and spokesperson for the company.

“Alyson has successfully driven our digital and customer acquisition strategy for three years and is one of our greatest assets at Little Pim.” Julia Pimsleur commented. “I have full faith in her leadership and look forward to supporting her and remaining involved on the Board of Directors.”

Shapero brings new leadership to Little Pim at a time when the children’s digital media world is changing rapidly. Shapero has background in digital children’s distribution, customer acquisition and consumer products, having previously worked at Warner Music Group, School of Rock and Razor & Tie Entertainment. She has been instrumental in securing many of Little Pim’s 20+ partnerships and mapping out the vision for Little Pim’s digital future.

Alyson Shapero commented, “Little Pim is increasingly a digital company with strong partnerships across the media landscape and we will continue to build and expand on those. With over three million children ages 0-6 having used our products in the U.S. and in 22 other countries, I look forward to talking Little Pim to its next level of growth and development.”

Julia Pimsleur will work with female entrepreneurs to help them scale up their businesses past $1M in revenues via speaking, online courses and coaching. She recently authored Million Dollar Women: The Essential Guide for Female Entrepreneurs Who Want to Go Big (Simon & Schuster, October 2015, Amazon Top 20 Women & Business).

About Little Pim (
· Little Pim ‘s proprietary Entertainment Immersion Method® has won 25 awards and is the only method designed for the youngest learners, ages 0-6.

· The company has sold over two million products via Direct to Consumer, Retail and Licensing in 22 countries. Partners include Hulu Kids, iTunes, PBS Kidsplay, LeapFrog, VTech, Toys R Us, Roku and Mango Languages.

· Little Pim is available in 12 languages, is platform agnostic and can be viewed on screens of any size in any country.

Low-tech and high-tech toys at Toy Fair 2015

Toy Fair 2015 in New York showed off new toys of all kinds, from the simple and familiar to the edgy and technological. There were toys for kids of all ages and for kids at heart. Toy Fair brings out the best in toys, from books to dolls to learning tools to plush toys. Check out the highlights of this year’s convention.

Rainbow Loom Statue of Liberty
A Statute of Liberty made of 13,200 Rainbow Loom bands.

There were new twists on familiar toys like basic blocks and stacking toys. Toymakers added new functions to products like rattles and crib toys but kept them simple enough for the youngest customers to enjoy.

Photo from
Green Toys blocks, made from recycled milk cartons, are back.

Some toys bridged the gap between technology and old school fun, like Toymail, a cute physical mailbox that lets family members leave kids WiFi voice messages through free phone apps. For parents who travel, children can hear friendly voices and encouraging messages – without having to stay in front of a laptop. They can play and respond to the messages when and where they want.

Lounge N Learn Chair
The Lounge N Learn is an educational lounge chair with pockets for books and teaching elements.
Lounge N Learn
Kids learn motor skills from the chair and the huggable plush toys.

Take a hint from Little Pim the Panda and leave your kids a voicemail message using the words they’re learning in a new language. Hearing your voice saying some of their new vocabulary is a great way to send a caring greeting and help them learn new words in Spanish, Chinese, or French!

CEO Julia loved these little Mailmen!

Augmented reality made books and other toys come alive through interactive, easy-to-use apps. When you point your phone at the right spots in a book, for example, your phone shows hidden features and games to play.

Augmented Reality
Screens came in many shapes and sizes, and toymakers imagined new ways for toys to interact with children.

A redesigned View-Master and a talking, “smart” Barbie that connects to the cloud were also attention-grabbers.

Little Pim Booth
The Little Pim booth welcomed everyone interested in children’s language learning.

5 Trendsetting Toys from Toy Fair 2014

toy fair potatoyz ipad

Last week, Team Little Pim gathered at the Javits Center in New York City for four days of pure joy at Toy Fair 2014. Imagine a football field full of the latest toys from classic companies as well as some exciting newcomers. Now try to wrap your head around the fact that the Javits Center holds roughly 10 times the square footage of a football field. In other words, there were a LOT of toys to play with.

An emerging theme at this year’s Toy Fair was customizable toys: toys that kids could build and change themselves. As you might imagine, many of these toys had a digital component, but some of them were simply classic toys with a twist. Here are five of our favorites:

1. Potatoyz – It was only a matter of time before your kids would be able to design and order their own toys online, but who would have thought that it would be as simple as pressing “Print?” Potatoyz begin as little blob-like avatars in the Potatoyz app, where kids can add colors, patterns, facial features, and custom drawings. Within the app, the Potatoyz can play in a variety of different environments, and if your kids really fall in love with their custom characters, they can order a figurine to be 3D printed and shipped straight to your door!

2. DIWire – While 3D printers have yet to become a common household appliance, wire printers are just about to hit the market. A fellow Kickstarter success, DIWire can bend metal wire into complex, detailed sculptures that you design on your computer. It’s especially cool for older kids looking to expand their toy horizons. Check out this video of DIWire in action at Toy Fair.

3. Tiggly — Little kids love to play with iPads, but finding interactive games that teach at the same time they entertain is always a challenge, especially if you’re looking for a physical element that allows them to look up from their digital realms. This fun  game is just the ticket: it lets kids play with shapes that they hold in their hands that combine with an iPad app where they learn and explore new concepts. We also love how portable it is; perfect for long car rides and other travel.

4. Stuffies – Who needs another stuffed animal? You can hardly get your kids to clean up all their toys as it is! Stuffies aren’t your typical stuffed animal, though. With up to seven hidden zip pockets, they provide a place for your kiddos to hide their favorite toys. Kids have a special spot to keep their things, while you have secretly won the clutter battle!

stuffies toy fair 2014

5. Ugly Doll – They might be less functional than Stuffies, but we don’t really care. Just look at that face. The latest “bad hair day” Ugly Doll sports a tuft of sculpt-able hair that your kids can style and restyle according to their mood. It’s a simple, but effective update of the classic troll doll. It’s also 100% less creepy than the classic troll doll (okay, maybe 99%).

 ugly doll toy fair 2014

The Holiday Ebook Is Here!

little pim holiday ebook cover

little pim holiday ebook on amazon

Yup, that’s our holiday ebook in the Kindle store! It’s hard to believe that a little over 2 months ago, Around the World with Little Pim was basically just an idea. We launched our Kickstarter campaign with crossed fingers, and now here we are: fully funded with our holiday ebook on Amazon just in time for the holidays.

But enough reminiscing…

little pim holiday ebook coverThe Little Pim holiday ebook is finally a reality and we really hope you enjoy it. We have sent Little Pim to France, Mexico, Brazil, and China to sample some tasty holiday treats and learn about how other countries and cultures celebrate the winter holidays. Join him on this delicious adventure and you might just pick up a few new words in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese!

If you could go on a holiday food tour like Little Pim, where would you go?

Holiday Shopping Extravaganza at Citibabes!

holiday shopping citibabes

You’re invited to the New York holiday shopping event of the season! Located in the chic Soho area, Citibabes says, “Tis the season…” for a little bit of holiday cheer.

Join Little Pim, along with over 75 other retailers, on Saturday, December 14 for a day-long holiday shopping extravaganza for families. You’ll be able to get gifts and advice for everyone in your family, AND do some good while you’re at it, as a percentage of the proceeds will go to Toys for Tots.

Childminding appointments are available to keep your little ones occupied while you finish up your holiday shopping… but RSVP soon! You need to book your childminding session in advance.

For more details, check out the Citibabes invite:

holiday shopping citibabes

Empowering Language Tips for Parents

baby language tips for parents
baby language tips for parents
Flickr: Chewy Chua

SheKnows recently published an article on raising bilingual kids featuring our very own Julia Pimsleur Levine! The article encourages parents to “Fill Your Baby’s Brain with Language” and includes some incredible case studies and language tips for parents who want to raise multilingual children.

The take home message is this: all parents are capable of giving their children the gift of a second language. Different families take different strategies: from One Parent One Language (where each parent picks a different language and sticks to it) to simply learning a new language along with your kids. The is no one right way to do it, and each family provides a bevy of useful language tips for parents who are thinking about introducing a new language. There is a style for every family.

Elsewhere on the internet, our friend Ana Flores of SpanglishBaby reminds us not to “underestimate how important commitment and consistency are in successfully raising a bilingual child.” In her piece, she runs through some general Do and Don’t language tips for parents to keep in mind as they begin to incorporate another language into their family’s lives.

Both pieces are must reads for families who are just starting to speak in new languages and for parents who are looking for ways to expand on what they are already doing!

  1. Fill Your Baby’s Brain with Language
  2. 7 Do’s and Don’ts of Raising a Bilingual Child

Little Pim at the NJ Baby Bazaar (11/3)

nj baby bazaarCalling all New Jersey families! Come join Little Pim at the 1st annual NJ Baby Bazaar this Sunday (11/3), brought to you by Mommies247 and Jumblzar! You’ll find us at the W Hotel in Hoboken (225 River St).

This exclusive all-day family event will help you connect with the best new baby brands, which were hand-picked just for this event (including Little Pim, of course!). On top of all the amazing shopping, you’ll have the opportunity to hear experts speak on a variety topics ranging from pediatric health to baby gear. PLUS you could turn out to be the lucky winner of one of the amazing raffles and giveaways. Oh, and did we mention that the day will be packed with entertainment for you little ones (including 30 minutes of babysitting in the “kiddie corner” so you can walk the floor and do some top-secret holiday shopping)?

What’s the moral of this story? This Sunday (11/3), stop by the NJ Baby Bazaar at the W Hotel in Hoboken and say hi to your favorite panda.

For more info on the event, click here.