Little Pim Wins a 2011 Tillywig Brain Child Award

We’re so pleased to announce that Little Pim German has won a 2011 Tillywig Brain Child Award!
Brain Child awards are specifically for “exciting products that energize the mind while seamlessly blending fun and learning”. Below are the wonderful things Tillywig had to say about Little Pim:

“It’s been well established that children have a window of time in their early years during which they can easily learn multiple languages. It would be a shame not to take advantage of that golden window, and Little Pim is an early language-learning system designed to do just that. The German Gift Set Plus comes with a boxed set of 60 German word and phrase cards and a boxed 3-pak of German language DVDS introducing over 180 words and phrases, as well as an 8-inch Little Pim Panda plush toy, all packaged in a reusable see-through tote. Little Pim is a cute and peppy panda, appearing throughout the DVDs and on every language card. The live action and animation make the DVDs highly engaging, and each well-illustrated flash card also denotes which DVD teaches that card’s word or phrase in order to help reinforce learning. The DVDs are lots of fun, very child appropriate, and parents enjoy learning from them as much as do children! Little Pim offers products in 10 languages.

Thank you for supporting us and helping bring access to fun foreign language education to children all over the United States (and beyond!).

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