Little Pim 3-Pak (Vol. II). Includes 3 DVDs to teach your child French.

French 3-Pak (Vol. II)


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Product Description

The French language adventure continues with our second volume of French videos! With this 21-episode 3-Pak, your child can learn over 180 new words and phrases in French.

  • Video 4: In My Home
  • Video 5: Happy, Sad, and Silly
  • Video 6: I Can Count!

In Vol. II, Little Pim makes two new animated friends Bob the Bobcat and Lola the Elephant. The videos combine animation and real kids, teaching simple French words and phrases to describe everyday activities.

Each video contains seven 5-minute episodes paced to keep your child motivated and engaged.

And since the 3-pak is available in DVD format, as a digital download, or both, your little ones can learn French at home or on the go!

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