French Bop Album with 15 songs that your children can sing along to.

French Bop Album


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Product Description

The French Bop Album will have your whole family singing while learning French at the same time!

This 15-song collection features 3 original songs by Milkshake, a megastar on the kids music circuit.

And don’t worry if you don’t know French–the album comes with a 16-page lyrics book that highlights vocabulary from our French video series and includes an English translation of all the songs.

Song list:

  1. TAP TAP TAP – Violette de Bartillat
  2. SUR LE PONT D’AVIGNON – Mathieu Lenestour and Jean François Alexandre
  3. IL ETAIT UN PETIT NAVIRE – Mathieu Lenestour and Jean François Alexandre
  4. FRERE JACQUES – French Songs for Kids
  5. BEBE DORS – Violette de Bartillat
  6. UN PETIT POUCE QUI DANSE Laura and Pierre
  7. SAVEZ-VOUS PLANTER LES CHOUX? – Charlotte Grenat
  8. VIENS DEJEUNER – Violette de Bartillat
  9. TAPENT, TAPENT PETITES MAINS – Laura and Pierre
  11. FAIS DODO, COLAS MON P’TIT FRERE – Chloé Vincent
  12. AU CLAIR DE LA LUNE – Mathieu Lenestour and Jean François Alexandre
  13. CLAP CLAP CLAP – Milkshake
  14. LUNCHTIME – Milkshake
  15. BABY DREAM – Milkshake

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