Italian 6-Pak (Vol. I and Vol. II)


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Product Description

The Italian 6-pak opens the door to 360 fundamental Italian words and phrases. This two-volume set turns everyday activities into adventures.

  • Vol. I (Videos 1-3): Eating and Drinking; Wake Up Smiling; Playtime
  • Vol. II (Videos 4-6): In My Home; Happy, Sad, and Silly; I Can Count!

In Vol. I, kids meet Little Pim the panda as he teaches basic Italian words and phrases. In Vol. II, animated friends Bob the Bobcat and Lola the Elephant join Little Pim for fun times and new vocabulary.

The Italian 6-Pak includes 42 easily digestible 5-minute episodes grouped into 6 kid-friendly themes. Episodes are ideally paced to keep even the youngest learners engaged.

Videos can be purchased as DVDs, digital downloads, or both, so your little one can start learning Italian right away–at home or on the go!


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