Little Pim's Discovery Set includes 3 DVDs and plush panda.
Little Pim's Discovery Set includes 3 DVDs and plush panda.thumb-italian-1thumb-italian-2

Italian Discovery Set


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Product Description

The Italian Discovery Set opens the door to over 180 basic words and phrases. With this introduction to Italian, your little one will be asking for acqua instead of water before you know it!

The Italian Discovery Set includes:

  • Three (3) videos: Eating and Drinking; Wake Up Smiling; Playtime (digital or DVD)
  • Plush Little Pim toy
  • Little Pim poster

Starring Little Pim, the lovable panda bear, each video will captivate your child with its combination of animation and real kids.

Each video contains 7 episodes, broken into short 5-minute intervals to keep your child engaged. Your little one will love cuddling with their very own Little Pim plush panda as they watch all 21 episodes together!

Videos available as DVDs, digital downloads, or both, so your little one can start learning Italian right away! Select the set you’d like.

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