Language Development in Young Children

Put your child ahead of the curve with language learning.

Teaching your child a foreign language is no longer a luxury–it’s become a necessity. It contributes to a young child’s cognitive development and also offers an advantage in the future of our global marketplace. Little Pim is specifically designed to teach kids foreign languages at the age they learn best: birth to age 6.

Start young to maximize foreign language learning success

Several studies prove that children are uniquely and temporarily primed to acquire up to three languages before the age of six with ease. After this early learning window, the brain’s plasticity diminishes dramatically.

With Little Pim, you can take full advantage of your young child’s natural proclivity for learning languages. Our program is specifically designed for children ages 0-6. Little Pim simultaneously engages babies, toddlers and preschoolers by offering each age group a distinct viewing experience tailored to his or her developing mind and interests.

Give your child a head start with a second language

We live in an increasingly global world – one where bilingualism carries many benefits. Introducing your child to a foreign language with Little Pim will be a fun learning experience now and a critical investment in his or her quality of life for years to come.

Benefits of bilingualism in young children

Research shows that bilinguals, especially those who have acquired their second language before the age of six, demonstrate superior reading and writing skills, as well as advanced analytical and social skills. Bilingualism has also been shown to improve vocabulary in a child’s native tongue.

Learning a foreign language can open a whole new world up for your child. Little Pim gives children the ticket to this world–by making it fun and easy for kids to learn a second language.

Start learning or explore Little Pim’s program by age.

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