4 Surprising Infographics about Bilingual Education

7000 LANGS-01Did you know the most commonly spoken language on earth is Mandarin? Or that students who studied a foreign language for at least 4 years scored an average of 140 points higher on the math SAT than those who didn’t? We found these fascinating facts and much more as we explored language learning and bilingualism Infographics around the web. We’ve collected a few of our favorites here. Click through to see the full graphic.

1. Second Language Acquisition By The Numbers

(credit, Huffington Post)

The facts and nothing but the language facts are the focus of this Infographic, including the most popular language to study in the United States (Spanish) and where scores improved on the SAT when students studied a second language (actually, they improved in all three sections!):

bilingual huffington post infographic

2. 50 Awesome Facts About Languages

(credit, UIC London)

If you’re looking for biggest, best, and most unusual language facts—from the number of world languages (7,000) to the easiest foreign language for English speakers to learn (Frisian, only spoken in parts of the Netherlands) this Infographic is for you:

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 12.01.24 PM

3. The Benefits of Being Bilingual

(credit, BlueData International Institute)

What are the benefits of bilingualism? This Infographic links speaking a second language to improved concentration, boosted brain function, and increased creativity just for starters. Find out more:

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 12.04.00 PM

4. Languages of the World

Finally, check out this Infographic from our friends at Pimsleur (which was created by Little Pim founder Julia Pimsleur Levine’s father, Dr. Paul Pimsleur) exploring the perceptions and realities of language learning in the United States.

Pimsleur Infographic 112013-01

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