Happy Russian Language Day!


Russian Language Day, proclaimed by the United Nations in 2010, is observed annually on June 6th. It also coincides with the birthday of Alexander Pushkin (6 June 1799 – 10 February 1837), a Russian poet who is considered the father of modern Russian literature. Celebrate today by introducing your child to the Russian language with the help of Little Pim!

Watch Little Pim, the Panda say the Russian words for all sorts of foods!

Did you know that Russian is spoken by almost 280 million people worldwide? It is the 5th most frequently spoken language in the world! The official language of the former Soviet Union, it is still spoken in 15 European and Asian countries. International political developments and growing business opportunities with multinational companies have led to increased demand for Russian speaking employees and experts, and thus, increased opportunities for Russian speakers.

Little Pim Russian helps children develop the unique speaking and listening skills necessary for learning the language.

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Sochi Olympics Bingo!

olympics bingo header

olympics bingo header

The 2014 Winter Olympics is being held in Sochi, Russia, creating the perfect opportunity to introduce your children to not only the excitement of Luge and Speed Skating, but to basic Russian winter sports vocabulary as well.

We’ve made learning even more fun with this Sochi Olympics BINGO! To create your own bingo card using our word list, or your own special Olympics words, click here.

olympics bingoWinter Olympics Russian Vocabulary List

  • спорт [Sport] – Sports
  • зима [Zi-ma] – Winter
  • снег [Snyek] – Snow
  • Лёд [LYOT] – Ice
  • Cнежинка [snye-ZHEEN-ka] – Snowflake
  • Снежная буря [SNYEZH-na-ya BOO-rya] – Blizzard
  • Холод [HO-lat] – (The) cold
  • Коньки [kan’-KEE] – Skates
  • Лыжи [LI-zhee] – Skis
  • Санки [SAN-kee] – Sled
  • Сноуборд [snow-BORT] – Snowboard
  • Кататься на коньках [ka-TAT’-sya na kan’-KAH]
 – Skating
  • Кататься на лыжах [ka-TAT’-sya na LI-zhah]
 – Skiing
  • Кататься на санках [ka-TAT’-sya na SAN-kah]
 – Sledding
  • Кататься на сноуборде [ka-TAT’-sya na snow-BOR-teah]
 – Snowboarding

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